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Monday, November 25, 2013

     You know, when I started going to Evergreen, I considered myself pretty immune to a lot of the more "granola" things that go on there. Now, I'm not saying I've gone full blown hippie and am going to stop shaving, that's just not me, however, there are a lot of things that I have picked up on as a result of being there that I feel like have definitely positively impacted my life. Long skirts in the cooler months, for instance. Or the fact that I went to tea tree oil for my irritated nose piercing instead of something else. Buying organic. Using all natural shampoos and beauty products when I can (I'm still addicted to Sephora, this will never change). And also, I've stopped wearing bras with underwire as much. This may be a little tmi for some of you, so I'm sorry, but it's honestly one of the bigger changes I've made recently that has made me so happy. Now, don't get me wrong, I still wear bralettes or a tank top, I'm not going full out and nipping all over the place, I don't think I ever could, but making the change to less restrictive, softer, and non-boob-pushing-up options has actually increased my comfort level greatly. If you know me at all in person, then you are aware that every winter I get this terrible chest pain (my doctor thinks it's arthritis), well this year it was absolutely unbearable until I was put on an anti-inflammatory, but what helped was also just wearing my bralettes that I had originally just worn in summer under button ups to fake wearing a tank top. Not only has it helped my chest pain, but my back doesn't hurt as often either, you can't tell under my sweaters, and they are so much prettier, all soft and lacy. I'm not saying I never wear my other bras, because I do, but I highly suggest trying out a bralette, even just for occasional use. Super comf. My favs are from Victoria's Secret. You can check them out here.

{TOP: Decoded SKIRT: Wet Seal FLATS: Mossimo Supply Co. CARDI: J.J. Basico}

     While I may have just gone on a rant about my bras, my mom and I both laughed a little at how much of a Greener I looked like when I put this outfit together. It was so comfy though. Seriously, I highly suggest wearing your maxi skirts in the fall/winter with some leggings underneath or whatever gets you by because I felt so flowy and awesome. Plus, I get points for it being holiday colors, right?
     On this day, my mom and I just ran some errands around town, hit up the mall for some browsing and yarn so I can knit some scarves, got some things at Target, had to go to Walgreens for tea tree oil (come on Target, get with it), and then finished our day (or night, rather, at that point) at Hastings for some new books. (I definitely have assigned reading, Dubliners by James Joyce, but I would much rather just get into full relax mode) We spent a long time at the book store, which mom and I always do, and they were having a 3 used books for $21 sale, no matter what the price of the used books were! (Up to $21 on their own that is, but that's fine) So I ended up snagging some cute bookmarks (omg they had Adventure Time things and I was so tempted to just buy it all) and four books. I got Enders Game, because after seeing the movie M and I were both pretty interested in reading it, Bridget Jone's Diary (how have I not read that yet?), The Truth About Diamonds (haha it's by Nichole Ritchie, which honestly just made me want it more), and And Then We Came To The End (which is supposed to be a funny office life book). I'm so excited to start reading things that aren't about Ireland's depressing history (no offense Ireland), but I feel I may have loaded too many projects onto my plate for this short break! Oh well.
     Also, I'm sorry that my posts have been more text heavy lately, I just feel like I actually have things to share with y'all for once and that excites me.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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