Moving Yet Again

Thursday, November 14, 2013

     So once again I find myself preparing to pack up all my things and move them to a new location. I suppose this is college life, moving and then moving again, but this time it should be for more than just a couple months! I signed a 12 month lease with an old friend I've known since second grade, and a friend of hers, and the three of us shall be moving this Saturday into a nice three bedroom apartment! I'm super excited. We have a fire place and all the good things in life haha. It seems weird saying goodbye to this room, seeing as I haven't inhabited it that long, and spent very little time in it since I'm at Michael's place more often than not, but still I get these nostalgic feelings whenever I'm about to jump into something new in my life. It'll be good though. I'll have the master bedroom, which means my own bathroom and I am soooo down with that haha.

{BUTTON UP: Roughrider//Thrifted TOP: Almost Famous JEANS: Old Navy Rockstars BOOTS: Candies SCARF: Chic. RINGS: Turquoise//Gift Skull//Earthbound Trading Co.}

     In other news, class is going well, and we're preparing for our final presentations to be done as a group at the end of the quarter in December. I'm signed up to do a play with a good friend of mine and some other class mates, so that should be fun. I miss acting.
     I'm still grossly sick, so that sucks. Had to call out of work today, which really bummed me out because it was my only shift this week and having the money would have been nice, but both M and I thought it would be best for me to get some rest and try to finally kick this whatever it is. I mostly just have this terribly cough that is keeping me from sleeping or doing anything really. It's super most annoying. 
     I hope everyone is having a good end to their week!

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie


  1. I just found you on modcloth's style gallery! I love your style, and I REALLY love your hair!! You are too cute :)

    1. Well hello! Thanks so much for the compliments (: I'm glad you like the blog! Hope you have a wonderful evening!
      -Rya <3