Oh The Horror Of Halloween!

Monday, November 4, 2013

     So a few days back I posted a makeup haul for the look I was creating to match my Halloween costume, and here are some photos of my ridiculous costume and what I did on Halloween! I would have taken outside photos, but it would have been just wayyyy too cold for that nonsense. 

     The first party I went to was that of a co-worker, I only have a few photos of the occasion seeing as I was spending my time chatting and dancing with Michael and not taking photos.
Here are our separate costumes. We were originally going to do some matching thing or another, but 20's was easy for him and I kind of fell in love with this ridiculous monster costume.

     Here's a shot of the awesome party girl and I. Man, I always forget how short I am until I see a photo like this haha. 

     Sidenote: I found some pumpkin spice tea yesterday at our local tea house and it's blowing my mind with delicious right now. It's so warm and just filling me all up with yum in the best of ways.
     Anyways, the next Halloween related activity on my agenda was volunteering at The Hands On Children's Museum for their Boo Bash! This is an absolutely amazing place, and their new building is spectacular. I remember my mom taking me to the old one when I was younger, and it feels so nice to be able to help out with things I know I loved doing as a kid! The Boo Bash had lots of really fun activities for the kids to do, and of course they came in costume. For this event I stole M's costume, since mine just seemed better for adult occasions haha. I ended up stationed at the end of this awesomely giant cardboard box maze handing out bubbles to the kids who found all the animals inside, or really if they just found their way out of the other end. I had a great time, and my most amazing best friend was there too with her boyfriend, even though we didn't work together.
My bestie and her man.
We take really lovely selfies haha.

M's costume actually fit me pretty damn well haha. The fact that it was baggy really just added to the whole dirty 20's whatever-it-was vibe of it all.

     I had several adults try to guess my costume, it personally made me think of the chimney sweeps in Marry Poppins, so when one mother asked if that's what I was, I was pretty pleased. Otherwise I was accepting Tiny Tim, Oliver Twist, a newspaper kid *EXTRA EXTRA*, or just impoverished 20's dock worker. Whatever. It is what you want it to be.
     After volunteering, my main lady was having a party at her place, so M and I ate and did a costume change and then went to chill with my bestie and her man. It was really nice because we were there for some pre-party hanging and drinks, M ran errands with Mason, my bbfs man, and I just chilled with her and did my makeup and drank some drank. We also took a ton of ridiculous photos and videos, some of which I have, some of which are on her computer, it was a good laugh either way. We spent a sad amount of time trying to get good photo/video of smoke rings, but it never panned out.
My main lady.
M being all cute and handsome. I love that he let me dirty him up a bit with some black eyeshadow *coughcough* I mean soot. 

     Well those photos are what they are haha. Kaitlyn and I enjoy being white girl trashy around each other, not in a drunk way though, because I do not get white girl wasted. No thanks. I like to keep my head. I guess what I mean is that we don't mind getting stupid and having a good laugh at ourselves and that is always awesome. I miss seeing her almost daily in class.

     After all these photos happened, some other started showing up and we had a really good time just hanging out. It was a much smaller and chiller party than the one the night before, which was a nice change of pace. Also, since M was drinking at the last party, I got to have a nice drink or two at this one and found myself pleasantly drunkish as we played a game of Cards Against Humanity, which if you don't have, you should buy because it's amazing. Amazing. It's like adult Apples to Apples.

     M and I tried hitting up a party on the actual night of Halloween with my friend Ashley, but things were just too hectic for us there. People throwing up in the street hectic. People peeing on the next door neighbors garage hectic. No thank you. We left and just hung out in M's apartment with some music and eggnog. 

     In other Halloween related business, M and I never got around to carving our pumpkin that we got from the patch, and instead when I was feeling a little down, hopped in my car and I chucked it out of my window while he drove. Man was it a good time. Although somehow the smash juice got on my lip after it hit the road. How, I do not know, but it happened, I swear to you. We turned around to look at our dirty work and then drove off into the sunset. Ok, it wasn't that cliche, but we did drive around until it got dark. 

     I hope everyone had a good Halloween, did some fun things, all that jazz. Also, I didn't eat one piece of candy. Weird.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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