Snake & Leopard

Thursday, November 7, 2013

     Hey all! Thought I'd get a post in before I run off to work like a mad woman in a rush, which I always am, no matter how early I am actually ready. I'm ready now, of course, but had to figure out how to take photos in my room today since it is absolutely miserable out today and there was no way I was going to let my camera (or myself) get soaked taking photos. 
     As for this outfit, thank goodness it was still nice enough outside for a good amount of snaps. I can't believe I mixed a leopard jacket and some snake skin print pants, because a short time ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me I would. It is one of my warmest coats though, aside from my snow coat, and I am not about to be the kid who wears their snow coat before a flake has even been seen. People already ask me where I'm from at school because the way I talk (I guess I have an accent?) and how I'm freezing all the time, and I always have to respond "I am from here! Kind of..." How does one really pick? I wasn't born here, but I've lived here since first grade, taking trips to Arizona multiple times a year to visit my father, before my step dad adopted me and I got to stay here all the time with my loving family (this was at 13), so it's like, I think I'm from here? Who knows. Either way, I remain a desert dweller. Cold blooded I suppose? Regardless, Michael is such a blessing because he is like a space heater, just warm all the time and he keeps me forever warm when he's around. I'm a lucky girl.

The leaf throwing worked a little better for me this time haha.

{COAT: Luz JEANS: Old Navy Rockstars SWEATER: Pink Rose HAT & GLOVES: Target BOOTS: Roxy BRACELET: Kohl's} 

     This week has been a hard one for me to get through. The famous Washington rain has finally returned with a vengeance and I'm not too pleased about it. I can suck it up with the cold when it isn't constantly drizzling with bouts of pouring mixed in. Hate. It. So. Bad. Oh well. Not much to be done besides distract oneself with things like Pokemon X, and movies, and boyfriends haha. 
     In other news, I ripped all my fake nails off recently and am feeling so much better about having my real nails again! It's nice to be able to paint them myself, and of course is a huge money saver as well. That shiz gets expensive over time. M likes them better this way too. I just have this weird thing where I think my fingers look short and fat when I have short nails, is this just me? Tell me I'm not alone in my ridiculous vanity!

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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