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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

     Hey all! It hit me just the other day that it was finally time to look back upon my 20 before 21 list that I made last year this time, of all the things I had hoped to accomplish by the time my next birthday rolled around. It was my first time doing one of these lists, and it seemed like I was making plans for a time that was so far away, but alas, I am 21 now, and boy has my life changed since I made that list. I honestly feel like a different person, and in many ways I am. All for the better though, I think. Life is much better than it was, which is funny because I thought it was so great then, but now I'm like, you didn't even know girl! Haha. Funny how life does that to you. As much as I have always wished I could stop time, I feel like the lessons this year has brought me, the change, all have shown me that stopping the clocks is actually the last thing I should ever want to do. Life just gets better. But on with the list!

1. Start Writing Again
     Well, as far as this goes, I'm certainly not writing on a daily basis, and while I do write academically quite often, that was never the goal of this particular list item. I have, however, started writing my poetry again, and nothing makes me happier than that. I went so long without being struck with any sort of inspiration, but recently, I have gotten the inspiration and urge back, and that is just so great. Because of that, I am going to say that this was successful. I'm writing much more than I was when I picked this goal, and that's good enough for me.

2. Find Some Decent Cheesy Fries
    Sadly, this definitely didn't happen. Boo hiss.

3. Go Somewhere Truly Beautiful By Myself
     Hm. I'm trying to think back on the year that has passed, but I don't think I really did this one. I'm not so great at doing things alone, and once I found Michael, I didn't really want to do anything alone when I could be sharing it with him haha. I did take a nice solitary walk in the desert (which I consider extremely beautiful) by myself over Thanksgiving break, but it was so I could take outfit photos, so I'm not counting it. Maybe this item will roll over to my 21 before 22 list.

4. Attend A College Party
     Yes. This one I most certainly did almost as soon as I solidified this list! And I have been to several within my year span. Not really for me, but I'm glad I experienced it all the same.

5. Blog On A Regular Basis
     Yes and no with this one. I feel like my blogging has substantially improved over a years time. My photos have gotten better, my consistency, the substance of my posts, etc. I feel like that all has improved, however I suppose I'm still not quite at the level I wish I was at. I mean, I don't think I should force myself to blog when I'm feeling totally out of it, because that's not going to make for a post that anyone wants to read. I'll call this one a work in progress. Could be better, but is also better than it was.

6. Incorporate More Dresses And Skirts Into Wardrobe Year-Round
     Well, here's another one that I don't feel wholly satisfied with, but I am just such a pants girl! I have changed it up more than I used to, so I'm just going to call it a success and move on.

7. Spend A Whole Week At Evergreen, No Going Home
     Ha. Well this was clearly from when I was living on campus, which I am no longer, but it doesn't really matter either way because my parents moved out of state since this was written, so I really go weeks without going home anyways. Done.

8. Develop A Legitimate Social Life
     I'm beginning to see now that my socialization skills were never the problem, but yet certain people that were in my life holding me back at the time. Since I wrote this, I am so much happier, but also have such a great group of friends, that I just wouldn't trade for the world. I have my best best friend of all time forever who feels like my other half, I am living with two completely amazing ladies, one of which I have known for 15 years and recently reconnected with and am just so beyond happy about it, I have a new boyfriend and all his amazing friends, and my work friends, and just...it's so great! This one is a complete success in my eyes.

9. Finally Donate Some Old Hats

10. Volunteer At Least 3 Times
     Also check. Thanks Old Navy and Hands On Children's Museum!

11. Maintain My Diet
     Ha. Well this certainly has fluctuated since I wrote this. I gained a lot of stress weight near the end of the last school year, but have since lost it and developed much healthier eating habits. I'm labeling this one as a work in progress. I need to work on maintaining the weight loss after all is said and done. In the course of this year span of time I have gained 25 pounds, and lost 22. So I feel pretty ok right now that I was able to see what I was doing and lose it all, but we'll see.

12. Start Taking Photos Again
     I'm not totally satisfied with this and think I shall roll it over to my 21 before 22 list. I miss taking photos just for fun and I feel too busy or a lack of inspiration any more.

13. Read A Damn Book
     I did this one! Yay! I read some Harry Potter books again and also read Z, which was fabulous.

14. Have A No-Buy Month
    Ha. Nope.

15. Keep Up With Friendships After Winter Quarter
     Indeed I have! Shout out to Vanessa and Elizabeth and Hoop$!

16. Moisturize And Use Lotion On A Regular Basis
     Yep! More so moisturizer and not the lotion, but whatever.

17. Spend Valentine's Day With Someone
     Indeed! I had a lovely lunch out with my friend Whitman.

18. No Tanning (In Beds)

19. Meet People Seriously
     Check yet again!

20. Love My Body. All Of It.
     Meh. Work in progress. I am just now getting to be ok with it even more. I feel like M has helped with his so much. Thanks boo.

     Well there we are. I feel oddly accomplished and disappointed at the same time haha. Ok, disappointed is the wrong word...just...motivated to do better with this upcoming list! There we go. That's infinitely more positive sounding. I should be posting my new list in a few days, but I am taking this break in Arizona to really unplug for a bit since school is over for now and just knit and do some reading and detox. So, if I'm not really around, my apologies in advance. I'll probably still be on Instagram or Twitter, so check those out if you care about my life, I guess haha. Oh! And I separated my personal and blog Twitters so those two things could remain separate. My personal Twitter is @mariahalysz for all the quotes most people won't understand and things about my friends and the Twitter to follow just to keep up with blog posts or makeup/fashion shiz is @ryapie 

     I hope everyone is getting to relax and enjoy some of that holiday spirit!

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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