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Sunday, December 8, 2013

     Hey all! As I write this, it is officially my birthday! And by that I do mean in the it-just-turned-midnight-and-I'm-about-to-go-out-and-order-my-first-drink-at-a-bar meaning of the phrase haha. However, when you read this, it will have long passed. I don't plan on having any more than one drink anyways seeing as I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow and have plans with my lovely boyfriend (although I don't know what they are, how secret squirrel). I'm pumped, although I don't know what I'll order. Probably just something fruity sounding. I'm not about tasting alcohol. Yuck lol. Except wine. I'm so down with wine.
     Anyways, this is the outfit that I wore on my last day in Arizona/on my flight back. I bought most of it in Arizona because I was like, "Omg! I need to look cute when I see Michael at the airport!" Haha. It was Black Friday and the smaller shops in downtown Tucson were having smaller scale sales, so I decided I should partake. I bought some gifts too, but really, how could I pass up on these fabulous leggings? I could not. Also this shirt? Pffft. And the vintage collar? Let's get real. I had money to spend and it was all there and so perfect together! At least in a very Mariah way haha.

{TOP: Michelle TANK TOP: Ambiance LEGGINGS: See You Monday SHOES: Xhilaration COLLAR: Vintage//Thrifted BAG: Revolution}

     I got this bag awhile back, but I haven't done any posts with it yet, so here it is haha. I actually got it over the summer when I was in Arizona hanging with my mom before Michael came back to drive back to Washington with me. We found it at Ross, and I think I have gotten more compliments on it than I have any other bag that I have owned in my entire life. I decided it was time to photograph it because it looked exceptionally appropriate with this outfit, what with all the blacks and golds and metallics going on already. So yeah.
     My mom told me after I finally put this all on at the house that in the store she honestly couldn't see what I was going for and thought that I was a little crazy, which I found hilarious. That's usually how it works with my bizarre outfit combos. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my only super power in life is making really ugly clothes look acceptable haha. For real.
     Well, I hope all of you are having an absolutely lovely December so far. I'm going to go cuddle with Michael on our brand new couch (omg we have furniture now!) before I head out for my wild night of a single drink haha.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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