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Thursday, January 30, 2014

     Does anyone else miss watching the kids shows that they grew up with? I totally do. Sesame Street and The Muppets were awesome, and don't even get me started on Spongebob. It's not that I can't still watch those shows (and believe me, I still Spongebob), but they are missing something they used to have. The show themselves aren't at fault, growing up just has a way of making things sparkle a little less than they used to. *melancholy sigh* It's alright though, because I feel like keeping some things from your childhood present in your life, helps you regain that sparkly feeling, if even for a brief moment, and that's always a good thing. As adults, we forget to be kids from time to time, and a reminder as small as someone making a Seseame reference about your outfit can inspire you to once again look at the world through more youthful eyes. Grow old, not dull.

{SWEATER: Old Navy DRESS: Old Navy TIGHTS: Target BOOTS: Madden Girl COAT: Coffeeshop BELT: Fred Meyer's LIPS: L'oreal Always Apricot lipstick over MAC High Energy lip pencil}

     I am so very excited that as you are reading this, Michael and I will be on our way up to Leavenworth for our little Christmas gift getaway. The B&B looks amazingly adorable (they make their own organic granola!) and Leavenworth is just amazing and cute, and there should be snow which will make M happy, and we both love drives, and I've made an amazing playlist, and just everything! As the days go by I find myself more and more thankful that we decided to skip the gifts and take a trip instead. It's so odd that taking a break after the holiday break is so often needed, but it makes sense, the holidays are stressful (don't tell me they're not because that would make you a liar, liar). We both kind of need this. I am We are so pumped for the trip. We also have decided to turn off our cells and bring no technology so we can just unplug and truly enjoy each other's company. I'm still bringing my camera of course though. Not brining it would be madness. Madness I say!

     In other news, my trip to Ireland looms ever closer and I keep debating whether or not to leave my laptop here and just use my iPad, but the more I think about it, the more impractical that seems. I need my laptop to blog. I need my laptop to photo edit. Not to say I can't do these things on the iPad, but it just seems easier and more practical to have access to everything instead of paying for new apps and crossing my fingers that it works correctly on my iPad.

     Oh yeah! I almost forgot, silly me! I'm showing M how to use my camera and take my outfit photos, so on this day I invited him out to look at how I take them myself, which was beyond awkward. He's not awkward, just me. When I take my photos I get very shy and private, so it was a huge step for me to even ask him to start taking my photos, but it's much easier when someone else does, and having their ideas is nice, but the comfort level just isn't there for me as it is when I am taking photos alone just my tripod and I in a secluded spot. I hope I get used to it, because having him take them also lets me go to more populated areas without looking like some self-absorbed snob. Anyways, where this is all going is that I have some photos of him being there that I wanted to share with you all! My silly love and I.

     Wishing everyone a warm and happy winter! I'll be seeing you when I return!

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie <3

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