New Beginnings

Thursday, January 2, 2014

     Hello all! Happy 2014! I know I stopped posting for awhile, my bad, I just needed some time to center and refresh during the holidays so I could enter this new year all crisp and ready to go! So here's my first outfit pots of the year to start things off right!
     I always gets really awkward with my first shoot when I move somewhere new. I want to find a photogenic area, that isn't hideously far away or hard to access, and yet isn't me standing on a street taking photos of myself and feeling like I'm being watched by everyone around. This nice little wooded spot was right behind some of the storage garages at my apartment complex, imagine that! I was pretty happy about it. Not a far walk at all, and total seclusion. Can't beat that.
     I still have some posts left over from 2013 that I want to share with you, like my Christmas party and a blog from my trip home for the holiday, but it seemed only right to start fresh. So here I am in a very warm and yet completely shapeless shawl-thing from Old Navy that I bought after my shift yesterday. It. Is. So. Warm. And. Cozy. It rings up as a knit blanket haha, not even clothing, but I'm going to be wearing it all day so whatever.

{SHAWL: Old Navy SHIRT: Grane LEGGINGS: Gifted BOOTS: Etienne Aigner NECKLACE: Forever 21}

     I hope that you all had a good start to the new year. Michael and I went out to a nice dinner at The Mark (I had butternut ravioli and he had a steak, but we both shared. Also, they have this drink that tastes just like root beer...yum) and then we just came home and chilled with some close friends to welcome 2014 and all it's hopeful glory. I thought it would be only appropriate to share my resolutions with you, so here they are:
  • Continue to eat healthier, more fruits, veggies, etc.
  • Keep a journal every day.
  • Take more photos that aren't outfits.
     They're pretty simple, but I'm hoping that will keep me reaching for them instead of declaring them undoable and just giving up like a week into January. M has decided that one of his resolutions is to be to keep a budget, which I should probably do as well because I am just awful with money. Just. Awful. Dear Future Husband, I'm sorry. 

     Well, I hope that everyone has a good day today. I'm off to go eat and get some groceries if I can get M out of the house haha. I'd love to hear any of your resolutions, or whatever, just hit me up with an email or comments.

Much Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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