Old Lady Swag

Monday, January 13, 2014

     Lately things have been busy. Between class, work, and homework, I feel like my blogging has once again fallen behind. I still haven't done my 21 before 22 post and I feel disappointed. Disappointed in myself for not posting, but it really has just been busy. That's life though, right? I guess. Also I've been sick and damn it the one day this week when I looked really nice it was pouring all day. Just pouring. I hate indoor photos and there was no chance for an outside shoot between work and class, so it just didn't happen. Shaking my fist at you Washington. Oh well. I suppose it might just be better to be a little more carefree about it and know that if the sun is shining (ok, let's be real, if it isn't raining) and I'm dressed nicely, photos will be taken, but I want so badly to become more regular with these things...we'll just see I guess. 
     Either way though, here's an outfit I had on some time last week when I went to class. I am in love with this thrift store sweater that Ashley picked out for me. I love dressing it up with nice accessories and making it way classier than it is haha. I feel like it's the kind of piece I can just wear until I'm old and it'll still be age appropriate. Early 20's: cute and quirky 30's-50's: total mom sweater 50's and beyond: old lady swag. Yes it works for all so perfectly. 

{COAT: Dollhouse SWEATER: Thrifted LEGGINGS: Victoria's Secret BOOTS: CA Collection by Carrini HAT: Kangol COLLAR: Vintage LIPS: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Warm Beige}

     I hope everyone has been having a nice winter and new year! I'm sitting over here on the west coast wishing for some snow oddly enough. Not to say that wishing for snow it odd, but it is for me because usually I'm not too much of a fan of snow, but something about this winter just feels like I need it. Luckily Michael and I decided that for Christmas we weren't going to get each other gifts and would instead pool our money for a trip at some point in January. We now have reservations at a lovely looking little B&B in Leavenworth, which should hopefully have some snow, but even if it doesn't, the trip will be fantastic. I've always wanted to stay in a bed and breakfast, and this place is so charming. Nice and quaint as a B&B should be. So I'm excited for that beyond explanation. We've both also decided to completely unplug during that time (not tweeting photos is going to kill me!) but it'll be nice.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie


  1. I think that sweater is fantastic! And like you said, it will totally work for life! The color is so pretty. I need some good sweaters; after I have my baby and things settle down, I'm going to gear up for a good thrift-store run and stock up on a few things like that.

    I want snow, too. Especially seeing tons of bloggers post snow-day outfits, I'm so jealous of how pretty it is even if I don't necessarily want to go out and play in it right now. At least one good snow in a year is just mandatory.

    Have fun in Leavenworth! That's such a great idea, to pool your money instead of buying gifts for each other. My husband and I might have to do that!

    1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks it's a sweet sweater! Thrift store finds are where it's at!

      And right? Snow photos are always so gorgeous and peaceful, I feel like I'm missing out terribly! Snow days are mandatory for sure!

      I can't wait until I go! I think it ended up being a pretty great idea ^^

      I'm so glad you commented (: