Monday, January 20, 2014

     Hello all you lovelies! I feel like with this outfit shoot I finally got into the groove of shooting in my new chosen spot. Obviously I still want to explore new places, but when it's cold or the sun is starting to set, this spot is ridiculously convenient. (Even if I do have to photoshop out a McDonald's fries container haha) So I'm feeling good. I'm also just feeling good about this outfit, I have been wanting to do the whole button-up-under-a-sweater thing for quite some time, and then the inspiration just hit me for this winter-hued outfit. BAM. Except I'm not Emeril so I guess I can just yell FASHION...or something. I tell you, when I take the extra time to plan an outfit before I fall asleep instead of lazily picking it out when I'm tired in the morning, it just turns out better, which is of course just completely unshocking.
     In other news I'm still waiting on that snow that I thought would pound us this winter. In my experience living in the great state of Washington, every two years we get hit hard, and this year is the first year that that hasn't held true. Sad. Oh well. We may not have snow, but the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl and that's good enough for me.

{SWEATER: Mossimo Supply Co. TOP: Old Navy JEANS: Rewash WEDGES: Fioni NECKLACE: Forever 21 BRACELETS: Silver//BCBG Pink//Kohl's LIPS: MAC Candy Yum Yum with MAC huggable lip colour in Cherry Glaze on top}

     I am so surprised at how expensive beauty mirrors are. Like, hot damn. Those are expensive. Ever since Michael and I bought furniture, (which I am still so excited about), I've been eager to use my vanity, but the natural light from the window doesn't hit it and the overhead light isn't bright enough for proper makeup application. I spent a ridiculous chunk of time today, dragging poor M with me even though he started feeling ill, trying to find a good way to light the area. I settled at first on some white string lights, but they just weren't bright enough at all, so I went to target to just say screw it and spend some money on a beauty mirror. I took beyond forever deciding which one to get and ultimately settled on a little round one, brought it home (as well as some Tims salt and vinegar chips for poor, sick boyfriend), and plugged it in to realize that not only did the mirror not fit my whole face (beyond lame) it was too short and didn't tilt back for enough for me to even see my face when standing at the vanity. Frustration. So I went onto Amazon and just decided to buy a really nice mirror and also use it for lighting in my makeup videos and have way better videos where you can actually see what I'm doing. I got quite a deal on Amazon too and will review the mirror after I get it. (Free two day shipping too! Woot!)
     I hope everyone's January is going smoothly. Much love to all.
Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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