Down By The Water

Saturday, February 22, 2014

     Olympia is a pretty alright place. I've had my ups and downs with Washington over the years, which is secret to no one, but lately I've come to truly appreciate all that there is here. You can chalk this up to whatever you want, but honestly I think it's because I'm happy. Just simply happy. I have some amazing friends, work with great people, love my class, and have the best boyfriend. Happiness can do a lot for a place, I'll say that much. But it seems obvious, doesn't it? I'm excited to explore more of the city, and even the state, with fresh eyes.

{JEANS: Hollister SWEATER: Old Navy BOOTS: Madden Girl SHIRT: Grane BELT: Fred Meyer COAT: Coffeeshop}

     These particular pictures were taken down on Olympia's waterfront by Michael. I'm still just so pleased that he's so completely willing to take my photos and learn all the ins-n-outs of my camera (or Pierre as he's called around these parts). On this day we were about to meet up with one of his friends, but decided to take a small detour for photos, which ended up being a nice little walk for the two of us. Of course it started misting, but that's pretty much how things go in this part of the states haha. 
     Currently I'm all comfy on my couch downstairs, watching two kitties play and run around and listening to M occasionally grunt something to his Halo game. Probably going to play Animal Crossing before I have to go to work.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

P.S. Obligatory photo of M since he was with me