Going Prepster

Saturday, March 15, 2014

     The challenge of indoor photos has never been a stranger to me. The room has never been big enough, my furniture never photogenic enough, the light bad, something. On one rainy day (no big surprise in Washington), I was desperate to take photos for y'all and yet definitely didn't want to get myself or my camera drenched, so I once again decided to attempt taking some semi-decent indoor photos. 
     Now I live in a nice apartment, but I am rarely alone here and didn't want to invade everyone's space with my camera on the tripod and start striking poses all over my living room in the middle of the viewing of some show or another, so I decided to stick to my room. Not too bad, however, my overhead light is encased in yellow glass, so the white balance was a little tricky to get down, which is why some of these look a smidge off. So my apologies for that.

{SWEATER: Mossimo Supply Co SHIRT: Old Navy PANTS: Old Navy FLATS: Mossimo Supply Co HEADBAND: Claire's BRACELET: Old Navy}

     My best friend Kaitlyn told me that her new look for this spring/summer is "prepster" and when she told me I was all too eager to jump on that bandwagon with her! Of course, I can't just go out and buy a new wardrobe, so I've been trying to add pieces here and there to transform my existing wardrobe. Luckily for me, Old Navy seems to be learning towards a very classic nautical and prepster spring/summer wardrobe, so I can grab some key pieces when I'm at work.
     In other news, I leave for Ireland so soon and I am beyond excited! I have a little less than a month before departure and I feel anxious, yet calm. I am freaking out about leaving Michael, and yet can't possibly conceive of not going. My mom is coming to visit before I go, and I have so many saved up photos to share with you all from the past few weeks, I've just been so busy that any down time I have I spend cuddled against M, half asleep. So now that my quarter is over, I should be able to go on a blogging frenzy! Woo! Maybe I'll even share with y'all the cookbook I put together with some classmates as our final project! That'd be cool.


  1. Your indoor photos are much better and more interesting than mine! We live in a house with no good lighting or windows, though! I hate trying to take pictures inside.
    You look great! I especially love your headband!
    And I am REALLY jealous that you're going to Ireland! I have always, always wanted to go there.

    1. Inside pictures really are the death of me haha but thanks.
      And thank you very much!
      I am so excited to go! Anxious, but excited! I know I'm so lucky to be able to go, it'll be one amazing month. <3