Just A Home Body.

Monday, March 31, 2014

     My mom left today. Back to Arizona and the lovely sunshine, and I feel now more than ever like Ireland is so quickly approaching. With her gone, the sense of security I felt has dissipated and I am left a mess looking at Michael with sad eyes and telling him I want him to come with me, even though I know he can't.

     I guess I'm just a home body. I mean, I've always known that, but damn does it become apparent when my whole world is about to shift it's self around. I'm thankful that I'll be traveling with one of my very good friends and I know by now he's aware of my particular type of crazy. That will prove invaluable, I'm sure. Anyways, enough of my freaking out and whining. I am getting to take part in an amazing experience, seeing things and meeting people that most people never will. I am lucky. Enough freaking out.

{LEGGINGS: See You Monday JACKET: Forever 21 SHIRT: Michelle TANK TOP: Ambiance BOOTS: Charlotte Russe EARRING: Fuego} 

     My momma hooked my up with a card reader for my iPad, so I should be able to just empty my memory card straight onto that and edit photos and put them up for y'all to see. Hopefully. The Blogger app is most certainly not my favorite for posting, but I'll muddle through it and see how it goes. If nothing else I'll at least keep up on Twitter and Insta, but I'm always on those. 

     My one year anniversary with M is coming up soon (April 1st!) and we've decided to each prank each other (just one prank) and then be on with spending the day together. Prankiversary is what we're calling it and I'm pretty excited. I plan to do another photo an hour on that day, so you should get a little glimpse at what went on haha. I'm pretty excited for my silly little prank, even though it's beyond ridiculous and probably not as good as whatever he's cooked up. It'll be a fun day.

     And while I'm speaking of M, I'll end this post with some photos of him I snapped on this nice Washington day. Oh! Also, on this day we ended up hitting up this cool 20's themed bar that is pretty new to Oly called Dillinger's, super swanky, but on our way walking to it some guy saw me and started shouting about how I looked like Miley Cirus and how if he saw he again he'd ask for my number. Thankfully I haven't seen him since haha.

Love & Sunshine,


  1. Those leggings are AMAZING. You look great in them! And... y'know... shiny. I'm a sucker for shiny! Haha!
    I totally get how you're freaking out about Ireland; I would be, too. Going to faraway new places without my husband or my mom would be scary to me, too, even if I was going with a really good friend! But I'm sure you'll have an awesome time, and you are SO lucky to get to go! I'm going to be stalking your Insta for pictures. ;)

    1. I am the *biggest* sucker for shiny! I once bought shoes just because they were shiny and a teacher of mine gave me one of those looks and asked if I had ADD, so I'm glad I'm not alone.
      It's nice to know that you'd be freakin too, makes me feel better, I'll make sure to post lots and keep you updated ^^