Keeping Secrets

Monday, March 17, 2014

     I have rarely ever committed to keeping a journal. It was something that I absentmindedly attempted as a kid, writing like I was some star of a TV show like Lizzie McGuire and my words were ultimately going to be read by some big important person who would judge me to either be silly or genius. Some fantasy of importance I guess, or meaning for further generations, but that's just ridiculous. I do however love reading back through them now and seeing how I thought when I was younger, which I think is the true point of journals, so you can remember yourself, not some big important person in the sky.

     One of my new years resolutions has been to try and keep a journal again. At first my goal was to write every day, but I often just fall asleep or am simply not in the mood to take the time and record my thoughts, or just want to cuddle on Michael and call it a day as I watch him play Bravely Default. However, I have been keeping it nonetheless and spend a lot of time in class writing about what we're learning or about the goings on of my life. I plan to take my cute little journal with me to Ireland and then I really will commit to writing every day, because I know those are times I will miss.

{DRESS: Ark & Co. TIGHTS: Target SHOES: Hot Kiss HEADBAND: Claire's BRACELET: Old Navy EARRINGS: Forever 21}

     Sometimes writing in it has me feeling like I'm keeping lots of secrets, which is kind of exciting in its own way. By writing my thoughts down it feels like confiding them with my best friend, only I'm not spreading anything around, and that's nice seeing as I have been known to eat up my fair share of gossip. It's like a safe and nice way to keep one's secrets. (Although sometimes I can't help myself and I come home and tell Michael what I wrote about him anyways haha)

     In other news, how gorgeous is this photo spot? M and I went walking looking for a place to take photos, but turned around before reaching our intended spot, and as we were walking back, I spotted this gem! Right in my apartment complex too! I'm so happy we turned around because this area is simply amazingly gorg. The only downside is that someone lets their dog lose through here because it is absolutely covered in dog poop. Nasty. I, of course, being the graceful lass that I am, always manage to step right in a pile, but thankfully there isn't a shortage of grass to wipe my shoes off in.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie


  1. Beautiful dress! Love this outfit, and the location is awesome! I accidentally stepped in poo during a photo shoot once, but it was from my own dog, so I couldn't get annoyed. Good luck with the journal!

    1. Thank you so much! And I know how that goes, I've always had dogs growing up haha

  2. That dress is gorgeous on you, and with your amazing hair, you look like a little sprite! I love it. I've never been good at keeping journals, either. I guess my blog is more like one now!

    xox Sammi

    1. Thanks so much! I should just quit life and be Tinkerbell haha. And that is very true, blogs are quite like journals, I think that's one of the reasons I like having one too. ^^

  3. That dress! I love the color and the lace and the cut! It's so pretty on you. Also, random comment, but you have really beautiful hands! I have always wanted rounded fingernails like that, but mine are spazzy-- three nails grow squared, while my pointer finger and thumbnails grow rounded. I could round them all if I felt like it, but I'm way too lazy, ha!
    I was always TERRIBLE at keeping a journal as a kid. I loved collecting journals that were pretty, but I never wrote in them for long, and when I did they turned into stories about fictional happenings.
    Which is understandable considering I now write novels and hope to publish them... but at the time I was just too bored with my own life! It's fun looking back at the things I made up, though, and I wish I would have written more!

    1. You are too kind! I love all your comments because I always get so behind on reading the blogs I subscribe to and you keep me all in the loop and feeling interesting, it's so great!
      It's so funny what you say about my hands because I've always been super self-concious about them. Some guy once told me I had dry old lady hands and then another said holding hands with me was like holding hands with a child hahaha it's hilarious now, but at the moment it was less than great.
      I did the exact same thing when I was young. I could just never bring myself to write in my pretty journals because I felt like nothing I had to say would live up to how pretty they were.