Relying On Layers

Sunday, March 2, 2014

     Layering has never been my forte. I'm not that great at it, and I never claimed to be. I just never cared for it enough to deem it a necessary incorporation into my wardrobe. Honestly, it just reminded me of girls in high school who wore like three different tank tops under their main shirt, which always just confused the crap out of me. Why? None of your shirts could possibly be that see-through. Really though.
     But anyways, Michael is pretty much a boss at layering and after watching it turn a bland outfit of his into something snazzy, I figured I could try it for myself to at least enhance outfits of mine that would otherwise look dull or lazy. After all, he does take fashion advice from me, so it should go both ways right? Here was my attempt. I wasn't feeling like trying anything extra cute or special, wanted to wear my soft comfy new sweatshirt without looking like a complete slob, so here's what I there together. Not too bad. M was proud of me for trying haha. It certainly did keep me warmer while still comfy, so it's a win in my book.

{SWEATSHIRT: American Eagle JACKET: American Rag JEANS: Hollister BOOTS: Carrini HAT: Gifted}

     I know I do a lot of mixed posting between outfits of mine that I am truly proud of and felt inspired to put together and others that just look pretty average and everyday, but I do so in hopes that I come across as more "real." I don't get all gussied up every single day and go parading around town in a dress and tights because, well for one, it's Washington, that would just be cold and wet, but also because some days I just want to look presentable but comfy. Passable, but not extraordinary. Does this make sense? I want to present my actual self to you, and that is the Mariah that wears jeans and boots pretty much everyday because I hate wet feet. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want to give you the whole picture and not just the fantastic pieces. So here's a day that I wanted to be comfortable (and totally was) but tried out something new to me, even if it was just as simple as sticking a jean jacket over a sweatshirt. 
     I hope everyone in the pacific north west is keeping nice and dry right now. I will be until later this evening when I have to venture out for a class meeting and work.

Much Love & Sunshine,
Rya <3


  1. I just love the colors of this outfit! Ugh, I hate wet feet too. I pretty much wear the same pair of boots all winter (but with tights :p 'cause that's just what I like to wear!)

    1. Well thank you! I'm glad you like it seeing as I felt pretty "meh" about it at the time. And I do love a good pair of boots in the winter, sadly these ones have a terrible leak and just...blek.