A Weekend Away On Orcas Island

Monday, April 7, 2014

     So a few weekends back, right before my lovely and awesome mom came for a trip, Michael's parents rented a cabin on Orcas Island for his dads birthday and invited me and M along as well as his brother and his lovely girlfriend. It was an absolutely perfect weekend for it, by which I do mean that it didn't spend the whole time raining. Here are some photos from the trip. The above one is from when we were waiting for the ferry.

Michael waiting ever so patiently for our ferry.

Sunset from the ferry on the way to our cabin.

Day 2. This lovely cabin cat that M named Bosco made himself right at home with us. Also, he's huge.

Enjoying the view.

Said view.

Bosco and the cabin.

Walking down the dock, M and his dad.

Chasing the seagulls.


M has this little habit of always picking up sticks and logs when we go to the beach. I have no idea why. He did it the very first time we ever went to a beach and has done it every trip since. Silly.

M with Bosco.

Me with Bosco. See what I mean? This cat was massive.

On the ferry ride back.

     So that's it! Some photos from the trip. It was absolutely lovely. There was always a warm fire, lots of card games, and yummy junk food. We even all played Cards Against Humanity, which if you haven't played I so very highly suggest, as long as no one is easily offended haha.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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