As Long As It's Orange

Sunday, April 6, 2014

     It's funny how afraid of mixing patterns I used to be. Never would I have even thought to put something with a neutral lace with a stripe or a floral. One pattern and that's it. It cracks me up because now if I look at something and they have the same color or just look like they work I'm not afraid at all to throw them together. I would not have been caught dead in these two items at one point, but now I'm thinking they go just fine. Michael even complimented me on the outfit which cracked me up because he is a super picky pants with clothes haha. It all has some oranges so it's good enough for me! Plus any excuse to wear this awesome skirt I got last time I was in Arizona! It is probably the most comfortable thing in the world. Speaking of orange, is it just me or have I been wearing a lot of it lately? I feel a new color inspiration coming on. It is a good one either way.

     So I have a new blog layout! I think it suits me much more than the whole pacific north west damn wood and fog kind of theme. Yellow is my favorite color after all and I think this one will be sticking around for awhile. Tell me what you think, yeah?

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

shirt: edge 
skirt: rainbow
shoes: charlotte russe (similar here) 
necklaces: cicada: modcloth (similar  earrings here), stones: earthbound trading co 
lips: revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in rendezvous (similar here)

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