Edith Piaf in the Parking Garage

Friday, April 11, 2014

So for my upcoming trip to Ireland I really wanted a camera bag that could double as a purse so that I could have one carry on and one bag to take with me, make it simple, you know? I spent a lot of time online looking at stylish and functional camera bags and finally decided upon the Drop It Modern camera bag because it could hold a bunch and the design was really different and kind of awesome. My mother generously offered to get it for me for the trip and I was so pumped when it arrived! Sadly when it came and I tested it out M and I noticed that the latch was pretty messed up, which of course can happen so I'm not at all mad at the company, but I decided to test it out anyways on my little weekend trip to Orcas Island and it turned out to just be kind of overpowering on my small frame and really hard to access with ease because of the latch. All in all, I was in need of a new camera bag for Ireland pretty last minute and it just so happened that A Beautiful Mess made a post about their collaboration with Kelly Moore that very day and I was all on their website like white on rice. Her bags are completely amazing and perfectly combine fashion and style with practicality, a thing I haven't seen any other brand do as successfully. I looked for the closest local retailer and there are only two in all of Washington, one in Bellevue and one in Kenmore (which are both quite a ways from Olympia). M and I set off on a road trip to the store in Bellevue so that I could finally stop stressing about making a trip with an awkward bag, which is where this story is going because after we went to the nicest little camera store with a very helpful staff and I picked out the most perfect bag, we checked out Bell Square and had to park here. The mall has a parking garage. Mind = blown. I'm a small town girl.

Photos by Michael

M and I spent some time looking around the mall and I got some solid shampoo and conditioner from Lush for my trip because they are very travel friendly and amazing. (seriously try them out, they will blow your mind) After we were done shopping we were both quite hungry and I was afraid that after we ate the sun would go down (I'm still not used to the longer hours of daylight we're getting yet) so we decided it might be interesting to try taking my photos in the parking garage, and I think they turned out pretty ok. Interesting at least.
As for the Edith Piaf, I spent quite some time listening to her the morning this whole thing happened and maybe dancing around in my underwear, and her lovely singing inspired whatever you want to call this outfit. French boho inspired? I don't know. Call it what you will, I was feeling it.
Anyways, to end this before I rant any more, Kelly Moore bags are beyond amazing, I highly suggest one if you're in need of a camera bag. The quality is amazing and you can actually take out the special part to hold your camera and make it into a regular purse! So fab.
Oh! Also also, the shoes and the earrings! M bought me these earrings while we were on Orcas Island! They are made out of beetle wings (so cool) and when I mentioned I wanted them but shouldn't buy them, M got them for me and surprised me with them when we got home! So sweet! And as for the shoes, I bought them for my trip to Ireland and finally decided I should give them a test run and they are soooooooo comfy!!! In love. Not too shabby looking for completely practical shoes either.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

Skirt: Wet Seal (similar)
Top: Heart Hips (similar)
Hat: Old (similar)
Earrings: Gift (similar)
Shoes: Clarks
Lips: MAC Russian Red

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