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Thursday, April 10, 2014

So here goes my first post entirely from my ipad! I uploaded my photos from my camera and straight onto it and edited them all in Photoshops app. I tried using another posting app called Posts, but it seemed to really mess with the quality and size of my photos, so now I'm giving Blogger's app a try! Fingers crossed this all goes well because this is how I'll be doing my posting in Ireland! 

This outfit really had me feeling inspired by the recent comeback of the 90's in today's fashion. I mean, check out these mom jeans! I actually got these the day M and I were in Seattle with my mom so that she could meet up with some old friends and later her and M's mom could meet. I wore a dress and tights and looked spur cute, but as the temps dropped and the weather started turning nasty I popped into Urban Outfitters (where I had spent some time already earlier in the day trying out cute clothes for spring/summer) and found some sale pants and a sale shirt and some socks and a (very delicious) lace bra and ta-da! outfit change!
For this getup I decided to pair it with a tank and a bandana I've had for a bit and then I had so much fun swirling my bangs up behind it that when I was all put together and ready to go to work I actually get like a million bucks and not at all 90's grunge as I appeared. It was a good day at work and I got two compliments on my shirt, which was nice because M thinks it's beyond hideous.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

Shirt: Urban Renewal (sold out)
Tank: Charlotte Russe (old, similar)
Pants: BDG
Bandana: Hobby Lobby
Necklace: Archibald Sisters (also at ModCloth)
Ring: Fuego (similar)
Boots: Roxy
Socks: Target

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