Ireland Day 2

Sunday, April 20, 2014

So my first week in Ireland was spent in a little house owned by two of Seán's cousins, a little way outside of Ennis. It was gorgeous here and we got to drive around and see just so much. This day we visited a cemetery, an abbey, and a town called Doolin where we saw a bit of the burren and the cliffs of moher. Per usual, here are my photos of such things, and even some of me that Seán snapped with my camera. 

This cracked us up

The abbey in Ennis 

Random castle by a lake. We also went on a walk around a lake. 

Seán with cliffs in background. 

Well that's it for our second full day. Tomorrow will be filled with photos of pets and donkeys, so stayed tuned. (Did I really just say stay tuned?) Hopr you all are well. 

Love & Sunshine,

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