A Farewell To Ireland

Sunday, May 25, 2014

How do you sum up a trip that took up about two months of your life? How can I begin to express the constantly moving, ever learning, never stopping nature of the trip I just experienced? I have no words. I'll have to find some soon because I'll be typing up a 20 page paper on it soon, but for now all that is buzzing around my head are the faces of the amazing people that made this trip amazing and bearable. The smiles, and the grimaces, the amazing sights, and the long long bus rides. From being the last Evergreen class to ever learn from a retiring herbologist and watching her still make a wish on a dandilion, to going to the house of one of Ireland's national treasures for a personal poetry reading, it has been insane. I couldn't be happier to be sitting in the Dublin airport waiting to board my flight home, but I am also being washed over by that familiar wave of nostalgia for a time that has ended and I can never get back. Here are some of my absolutely favorite photos I've taken since my last post, a glimpse for all of you into my time here. 

Well, I hope this wasn't terribly boring for you all. I'll be back to the normal types of posts when I get home. I wish you all love and warmth and not long airplane rides. 

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie


  1. Ireland looks so scenic! Everything is so green...


    1. It is definitely one of the prettiest places I've ever been! I recommend going to everyone who can manage a trip! <3