New Grange, Farm, & Tara

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello all! Look at me making two posts within a normal time! Be proud. I am currently sitting out on the latter half of our bodhrán class (pronounced: bow-ron), which is a fantastic traditional type of drum but my shoulder isn't too happy, so here I am with photos for you from the day your Seán and I took to New Grange and Tara. It was a gorgeous day for looking at crazy old rocks and stopping for lunch at a petting zoo. Seán got a little grumps with me because I was a little more enthuasitic about seeing the baby animals than the super awesome old sites. Oh well. To each his own and my own is apparently Shetland ponies. There's a great photo on my Insta that Seán took of me with one, edited so my hideous melted butter/carrot juice hair looked semi-ok, however at the bottom of this post is a photo of me being really awkward and touristy next to a standing stone and you can see the awful color in all of its nasty glory. 

It kind of looks like the cheese sauce for Kraft mac'n'cheese, no? Either way, it's gone now. 

Can't believe that I am already pretty much through my second week here and will in 17 days (according to Seán) be on my way home. I'm sad to say that I am excited. But I'm also sad. It's a mix of emotions. It's gorgeous here even though it's been gray the last few days, and it really is beginning to feel like home. I'm most definitely enjoying our poetry and writing workshops the most, but we're learning so much. It's nice. 

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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