Snaps from Dublin

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hello there all you lovely readers! It's been a hot second, I know, but finding wifi here has been a challenge and a half, just let me tell you. I'm in Glencolumbkille (or the Irish version, Gleann Columb Cille) now, in the midst of my second week of studies and such at Oideas Gael, which has been amazing minus some tensions in the house I'm in, but 14 people in a house is bound to find some pee rubbed the wrong way. 

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from Dublin. There are also some on my Insta of food I ate at this amazing place called Bewley's Cafe and of other such things, like my hair going from white to red and being a really awful melted butter color in-between. The street art is what I think surprised me the most, there as just so much and it was all gorgeous. Don't get me wrong, there was the awkward and stupid graffiti as well, but the good street art was so good. 

As you can probably gather, I met up with some other people from our class, which was really nice. Familiar faces in a strange city is an amazing feeling. More posts soon. 

Rya Pie

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