Hot Toddy

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So there's this amazing little shop in downtown Olympia called Hot Toddy that sells retro-inspired clothing along with some other quirky things, locally made jewelry, and other sorts of nifty stuff. I like to pop in there from time to time and check things out, drool over the pretty dresses, and things like that, but lately I've made a few purchases and have been absolutely in love with each of them. The darling cardigan that I wore here, is just one of the things, and it is so cute! The top that I am wearing in this post is another gem I picked up there. I was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding that's coming up and ended up with this shirt instead, but I'm not even bummed because check this thing out! So cute! So unique!  So floral! I was sold and when I stepped out of the fitting room M loved it too and then it was just a done deal. 

I felt like Sunday date day was the perfect chance to bust it out! M only gets Sundays and Mondays off, so we decided that each week one of them needs to be our date day. This last week we did small things on both days and it was lovely. This day we walked around the local farmer's market, bought some apriums, and then checked out a nearby flea market. There were these amazing vintage photo albums for sale that I was dying to own, but they were just a little too much. We had a fun time just browsing around though, so it was an afternoon well spent.

On our way back from the flea market, we decided to stop by this abandoned train thingy whatever and take some photos. It's so nice having M take them for me. Seriously so convenient. It was fun hopping around it and thinking of ways to pose for photos. The weather has been soooo nice that we're really enjoying exploring new places around and going on walks. I went on an especially lovely one with my roomie Lauren today. I also made scones. It was a great day overall. I hope that everyone else's was too. Oh! And check out Hot Toddy if you're ever around Olympia, or simply give their online shop a browse and support some local small business.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

Shirt: Comme Toi
Shoes: BCBGeneration (similar)
Headband: Old...>.< 
Earrings: Old Navy (similar)
Rings: Fuego (similar)

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