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Friday, June 27, 2014

Pearl Wishlist

pearl collar::iPhone case::dress::necklace::flats

So a lot of my favorite bloggers have started making wishlist posts, and today I've decided to give it a try! I've only made two lists, as I already did another blog post this evening and I don't want to freak anyone out with my explosion of blogging presence (a joke). I've decided to just share a few things that I've really been digging lately, which would be pearls, heels, and (always) hats. From the list above I'm really just dying for those shoes more than anything. I mean, check those babies out! They are pure, pink, pearly, perfection. They lack nothing. They are delicious. And they're on sale right now, but sadly I still don't have that money to spend. Maybe after I pay rent if they're still in my size. I would eat ramen for months for those shoes. Are my priorities perhaps wrong? I think not.

Hats & Heels

pink heels::red heels::nude heels::blue & pink heels::ribbon hat::pink hat::boater hat::black hat

Next wishlist will be better prepared, I promise! And maybe next time I'll remember to number the items too haha, but here's my first try for y'all. I really need some good red heels. Like, really how don't I own red heels yet? Seriously, what's wrong with me? My mom has been telling me I need them for years! And, like always, she is right.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

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