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Friday, July 11, 2014

In case you don't know, the dress code at Victoria's Secret is all black, which has been pretty hard for me, seeing as I wear mostly color...ok scratch that, pretty much all color always, which is how I think life should be. The dress code has gotten me to start seeing black as a color again though, and even incorporating it into my wardrobe outside of work, which is pretty nice because it can be ok sometimes. I still don't think I'll ever primarily wear it, no, most definitely  not, but I will start giving it a chance again.

Anyway, this is an outfit that came together after I got off work one day and made some cookies to take to M's parents. We planned to drive up and have his mom help us etch some wine glasses for a wedding we're going to this Sunday, but we completely forgot to get glasses and ended up just delivering cookies and joining them for dinner. It was totally worth the trip though because his mom makes a killer clam chowder and we even got some pumpkin pie! Win-win I think. I basically just changed fact, I literally just changed dresses and we were on our way.

Last time I wore this dress was the Valentine's Day before last, and once I put it on my body it struck me as such a shame that it's been hanging unworn for so long. It's so comfortable! I'll definitely be wearing it more. It's nice though, seeing my old blog photos and just how much the blog has grown and improved from when I started. If you want to check out the difference you can see the first time I blogged this outfit here, and join me in a mutual sigh of relief that things have gotten much better. Also though, check my hair! Can't wait until it's long enough to pony again! Slowly but surely getting there.

Love & Sunshine,

Dress: Almost Famous (old)
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Belt: from another dress
Bow: Claire's (similar)

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