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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Animal shoes

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Ok, so none of these shoes are actually furry, some may be fuzzy, but I needed a cute title for my animal themed footwear wish list! Lately I've been noticing a trend in animal footwear, and I am ready to jump on this band wagon full force! I mean, check out all these super cute things! I'm especially obsessed with ones I could wear to work, like the flats with pugs on them, or the bunny ones, if only they weren't crazy expensive. Also, those flamingo shoes! I am obsessed with pink flamingos and have been for quite some time, so these were pretty much made for me, but I feel that way about most Loly in the sky shoes, I think.

Animal shoes 2

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These two shoes are just fantastic. I don't know if I could rock the shark heels, but they were too great not to include. The flats I would most definitely wear on the reg.

Animal shoes 3

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And lastly, these three cuties from Asian iCandy are too precious. I think I desperately need the ones with the depressed looking pug for work. I need those, right? They're so cooky! I feel like I could never keep a straight face if I wore those.

Well, that's it! How do you feel about the animal footwear trend? Do these make you want to purr with pleasure or growl with grumps? Ok that was terrible, but I had to, don't hate me please. 

Love & Sunshine,

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