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Monday, July 28, 2014

Today was my day off, and I spent it in the most perfect way possible. It started off with waking up around noon, which was awesome, to Michael cuddle attacking me. After that, he had to run off to work and I made mac'n'cheese and watched way too many episodes of Bob's Burgers in a row as I laid on the couch in my undies and one of M's button ups. I finally decided to get up and start getting ready, and filmed the first part of a makeup tutorial. Then I headed over to TJ Maxx to pick up some hairspray (I can't be out, I would die), and a few more black pieces to wear to work since I've been getting so many hours. Post TJ Maxx I drove to my best friends house and we just kicked it and caught up for awhile. I miss getting to see her as much as I used to, so any time we get together is really special.

I came home, took outfit photos and finished steps two and three of my makeup tutorial. Then, I did some ab exercises, filmed another video about washing your hair with beer, and then took a shower. Now, I am currently back in one of my man's button ups, making this post for you after eating a PB and J with some bbq chips (which happen to be my favorite chip flavor, just in case anyone was curious). It was a good day. All I need now is for M to come home so that I can get some decent sleep before work tomorrow. I never can seem to sleep well without him beside me.

On a different subject, I absolutely adore this dress, and am so happy I am finally able to wear it instead of watch it hang in my closet all lonely and never worn. I got it during one of my trips to Arizona to see my parents, and it wasn't the right weather to wear it at the time. Now that the weather is perfect for this kind of dress, I needed to have the right undergarments to seal the deal. Let's face it, this dress is white. This dress is thin and white. This dress is white, and thin, and stretchy cotton. I needed the perfect underwear. Luckily I work at Victoria's Secret now, and there couldn't be a better place to hook yourself up with the perfect panties and bra! Once I was all set with both, I could finally don this cute little number. 

And for a last note, the lighting grew more and more beautiful as I shot these. I love golden hour. Golden hour, right guys? Ok. I'm going to bed since I work tomorrow. Night guys.

Love & Sunshine,

Dress:Chesley:similarish :: Shoes:American Eagle:similar :: Earrings:Gift:similar :: Ring:Leavenworth Souvenir :: Headband:Goody:similar

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