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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I got to thinking the other day that my man has some pretty kicking style of his own, and quite enjoys hamming it up for the camera himself, so why not feature him on the blog from time to time? I was so flattered when he started asking me for fashion advice awhile back, and he's been getting more adventurous ever since. Michael is mostly a neutrals person (blacks, browns, greys, things of that nature), so why he was so interested in the rainbow of color that I am still eludes me, but that's beside the point haha, since we've been together he's been incorporating color into his wardrobe more and more (slowly of course, baby steps) until he bought this outfit and then I knew my work was complete! Ok that was a joke, he had fantastic style before we ever met, I'm just helping him outside of his box. 

You don't know what looks good until you try it, and on that note I would like to mention that these are the first pair of shorts he has owned in practically ever. He always told me he hated the way he looked in shorts, which I insisted was because he just hadn't found the right cut for his body, but he was insistent. He even wore pants the whole time we were in Arizona last year! He just rolled up the pant legs and called it good. Seriously, there's this one post where I'm in a strapless top and shorts and he's in jeans and is dying. Check it. But, when I found these at Forever 21 (in the appallingly small men's section, come on, dudes want to look good too) I knew if he would just give them a shot he would love them, so I had him try them on (along with another pair that are patterned, which is also huge) and he loved them! I also spotted the shirt, which I expected him to laugh at and walk away, but he totally dug it! I was shocked. Actually, everyone was. I put a photo on Instagram of us at the laundromat and my mom texted me about his shirt because she was shocked haha. So here it is. Enjoy. He's quite amusing.

I'd like to also add that it's apple juice in his beer bottle because he had already finished the beer. That photo of him smiling with it though, it just cracks me up to no end.

I'm thinking of making these a reoccurring thing around here, but I'd love to know what you think! Of course I'm going to find pictures of my man fun to take, and his style interesting, but I want the scoop from y'all as well. Let me know!

Love & Sunshine,

Shirt:Forever 21:Similar :: Shorts:Forever 21 :: Sunglasses:Ray Ban

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