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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ballet inspired wish list

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5

I saw some of the above shoes on ModCloth's new arrivals and it got me completely in the mood for ballerina-esque items. All things lacy, tulley, dainty, and so on, so I rounded up this small wish list to share with y'all of some adorable things from around the web that I wouldn't mind twirling around in.

I am especially attached to the necklace listed up there. M and I have a big thing with the moon because it was shining super huge the first time we ever drove around together, and is usually spectacular when we're together, or thinking of each other...ok I just realized how sappy that sounds, but either way the moon is one of our things, and because of that I really want this necklace. 

ballet 2

left :: right

This dress is everything right. It is pink. It is poof. It is perfect. And it comes in plus size! Also, its's on sale for $25 right now! Cray! Can't get any better, right? Right.

Ballerina 3

1 :: 2 :: 3

This dress is a great modern interpretation of ballerina style that could easily be made more punky, or worn to one's work at Victoria's Secret if they put a top over it. Also, do flower crowns make anyone else think of ballerinas? They make me think of them, so here are two pretty ones I really liked.

Well, that's it. What do you think of ballet-themed style? I love it.

Love & Sunshine,

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