The 4th of July

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This fourth was pretty chill for me. I had no plans for actual festivities, but I was ok with that. My friend Kenzie came over and we chilled, which is good enough for me. I wore a comfy outfit with some red white and blue and called it good. Michael had to work his usual gross hours, so we didn't get to watch any fireworks together, but I'm hoping our third 4th of July will actually bring some blanket cuddling and firework gazing. Third time is the charm, right? We didn't get to watch any last year either, so I'm a little bummed. The other people around the lake did put on some pretty good shows of their own though, so I got to see some pretty lights from my kitchen windows as I baked my first batch of my rosemary walnut cookies. All in all, it was pretty uneventful, but my house smelled like cookies, so, in the end I was happy. Maybe next year I'll have the forethought to plan out some outfits to post pre-fourth to participate in the inspiration train going around all the blogs. Oh the glorious holiday fashions! Sadly I don't really own enough of any of these colors to really put together an outfit that isn't either slightly off or way too obvious. Maybe next year.

One of the things I do love doing on holidays is kind of kitschy makeup. Something that is a little silly, or obvious, or over the top, just for funsies. I love playing with color and if I can get an excuse to put some abnormal colors on my eyes, then count me in. Last year I did some crazy red white and blue smokey eye, this year I just kept it simple with a blended winged liner. It was fun though. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth and that you got to celebrate in whatever may makes you happy.

Love & Sunshine,

Top: So here's the deal with the top...the tag was sewn on in a way that it completely hung straight out the open back and there was no way to hide apparently I cut it off. I have no clue who made this shirt, I apologize. (similar)
Shoes: Mossimo Supply Co. (similar)
Bandeau: Victoria's Secret (similar)

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