True Facts About The Romper

Friday, July 4, 2014

The romper is the perfect piece of summer clothing. Cool, easy, no thinking when you put your look together. All the perks. The only thing they don't tell you when you go to get this lovely and fashionably wardrobe necessity, is that they are so hit and miss it's crazy. Maybe not for everyone, but as a short girl with some curves and hips, they are soooo difficult to find. They all look cute on the hangers, and then you try them on and they do nothing but accentuate your snack pouch, fit awkwardly on your torso, or just look wrong. Finding one that fits you correctly is pretty challenging, but here is one that I found last year that fits me like a glove and I love. Sadly, even though it was super warm most of this day, it ended up raining near the end, so M just took my photos quickly while I hid under my umbrella. You can always count on Washington to rain whenever you don't want it to.

I'm usually not one for black and white, but I guess it was working for me this day. I do like the addition of the pink umbrella for some color. You always need some color, at least I do. 

Hopefully everyone has a fantastic day! Happy 4th! 

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

Romper: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Necklace: Old (similar
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Headband: Old (similar)
Umbrella: Victoria's Secret (one of those free gifts for spending however much)

1 comment:

  1. This romper is really cute on you! I have to agree, though, that not all rompers are created equal. I'm on the tall side (5'7") and a lot of rompers have this bizarre crotch situation happening, which does nooot work for me. I do adore a good romper though! They can just be hard to find (but so satisfying when you do)!

    xox Sammi