Walk With Confidence

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When I put this outfit together, I felt really good about it. It was pink, and pretty, and cute, and happy, and I loved it. It felt nice. I was parading all over the house with all the confidence in the world. I felt good. I looked good. That's what should matter. Michael loved it, it was a win on all fronts. 

Sadly, when M and I went into town to run some errands, like getting groceries and things of that nature, I started to feel more and more uncomfortable, until I was practically shrinking into myself and just wanting to go home and put some sweat pants on and eat a bag of chips or a bowl of mac'n'cheese. I was getting stared at so much. And not like, the friendly smiles kind of stares, but just flat our judgmental stares. The kind of stares that look right into you and make you wonder what you possibly ever did to offend that person so deeply without even speaking to them. Maybe I just feel that way, but I've always been the kind of person that cares what other people think, and things like that really affect (effect? I never know!) me.

M could tell I was feeling very awkward at this point and told me to just screw them all because I looked good and I should know that. It was nice to hear that, even if I did go on feeling a bit out of place. I started to slouch and at one point he looked at me and simply said, "Walk with confidence. You know you look good, if you walk with confidence, then other people won't care and will know you look good too!" It's so true. This is so true, right guys? I mean, I can look at the way a girl is walking and tell if her shoes are hurting her feet or she doesn't feel particularly hot that day, of course it goes for me as well! And perception really is everything, if I walk with confidence like I don't give to cents what the people around me think then, for one, I will start to actually not care, and for two, will come off as confident which makes people more receptive of you.

This whole thing isn't to say that I won't still let people who stare or curl a lip get me down, that will probably always get to me right in the feels, but Michael did have some great advice that I think we can all follow. Walk with confidence. You look good. Own it.

I swear I'll do a post on my Jawbone fitness bracelet soon! I need to get around to it, but things have been so busy and flying by lately! I got to go to my dear friend Seán's mother's wedding this Sunday, and it was an absolutely gorgeous event. It was held at the Tacoma Glass Museum, and Seán did a glass blowing for all of the guests while the staff set up for dinner. It was amazing, and the bride couldn't have been more beautiful. I've also been working more than I was scheduled at my old job, which is great because this new place definitely isn't paying for itself. Not to mention trying to make the most of the time that M and I have together, it's been a busy summer so far.

I'd like to make one final note before ending this post on these funky little shorts. M made the perfect point when he said they wouldn't be good looking, and even a little meh at best without the random wings on the sides, but like, it's such a random piece of fabric to begin with! It really is. Look at it! My shorts have thigh flaps! They are most peculiar, but I love them to pieces anyways and think they look spiff. Is it just us or are these weird? Let me know.

Love & Sunshine,
Rya Pie

Shorts: Charlotte Russe (similar)
Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Loly in the sky from ModCloth
Headband: Old
Ring: Gift
Earrings: Forever 21 (similar)

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