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Saturday, July 12, 2014

While those who have been reading my blog will be fully aware that I am completely in love with Arizona, and spent a lot of my childhood there, what most people (readers or otherwise) don't know, is that I grew up in the woods, about 45 minutes outside of a small Washington town, as well. While I will always pick the desert, time and time again, I had a fantastic childhood roving around the trails around my house. I would get lost in the woods, play in the streams, and climb down the steepest ravines I could find. It was a good time, and though I was admittedly much more of a tomboy as a child, I will always look back with fond eyes on those times. 

On Monday, M and I's day off together, we had to go to Yelm to get some things from a storage unit there (which never happened before I totally forgot the key) and while we were there I decided to show Michael around where I grew up. I was so afraid I was boring him the whole time I was reminiscing, but he loved seeing the sights too, and we both got a nice walk out of it. These photos were taken by or on the bridge I spent most of my outside time hanging around. I'm so glad things were exactly the same when I went back. 

So, here's where I grew up in Washington.

I would be totally lying if I said I didn't miss it, but I also wouldn't want to live there again. Our new place is the perfect mix of what I had growing up and something new. I love being farther out of town, having a big yard, and a lake to chill on. M is liking it too, even though he is such a city boy. I'm teaching him the ways though, so he's doing well. 

I think a good dose of nostalgia is always called for, don't you?

Love & Sunshine,

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