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Monday, August 11, 2014

Well here's my second installment of an outfit post for my sweetie! I hope y'all are ok with these, because I think it's kind of a fun change of pace from time to time. The more he gets interested in men's fashion, the more creative he gets with his outfits, or lets me be with my suggestions, which is really fun because I think men's fashion is such a hugely underrated thing! Not that it is to everyone, but I just think it has so much more potential than it's reached. Maybe some day I'll convince him to have his own blog, but I highly doubt it haha. So, for now, here he is in one of his fav t's that he dressed up with some nice jeans and a sweet jacket that I got him in Ireland.

I happen to think he looks super swanky, but he mentioned that he thought the shoes threw off the look. I told him that shouldn't discourage him from the photos because life isn't perfect. Maybe I'm just one step closer to getting him into some slick leather shoes like these...oh yeah.

Love & Sunshine,

Jacket::Zara :: Shirt:anvil :: Jeans:Old Navy :: Shoes:Toms :: Sunnies:Ray-Ban

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