Post Work Picking

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hey guys, check it out, an outfit post! Crazy, right? I know. Sadly, it isn't anything near my normal, colorful self, but it is what I wore, so it's better than nothing I hope. 

Sundays are always nice because even though I usually work open to close (11am-7pm) it's still light enough to do something outdoors, so I decided to haul my tripod out with me while I did some berry picking and multitask. I really enjoy how I did my hair today, with my two poofs, because clearly one just isn't enough haha. I want to film a quick little hair tutorial soon on how I do what I am calling my "half-a-hive" for any of you other girls with short hair.

I didn't pick very many berries this time around, but I have enough for my yogurt for a few days, so that should be good enough. I'm hoping to pick a huge batch on Wednesday and make some more blackberry banana bread. It was just too good last time. 

Well, I hope this wasn't too boring for you guys. I know it's been more recipes than anything lately, and believe me, I am sad about it. I miss my bright clothes, but once school starts you should be seeing more of those. Also, we got some new hires at work, so my schedule should be lightening up as well, which I'm honestly not mad about. I've been working pretty much full time the past few weeks, and I am built to be a part time girl, let me tell you. I love being at home to cook, and bake, and clean, and blog, and all that jazz. Slowing things down will be good.

I hope you guys are all having a great long weekend for Labor Day, my store has been crazy packed.

Love & Sunshine,

Top:Bozzolo :: Skirt:Victoria's Secret Pink :: Tights:Simply Vera by Vera Wang :: Earrings:Forever 21:similar :: Shoes:Wanted:similar :: Headband:Claire's