Thinking of Ireland

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I am a sucker for a good jumping photo. There really isn't any more to it than that. I think they instantly make my life look fun and peppy, even if I just donned this outfit to run errands with Michael before he had to go to work, which is exactly the truth of the matter. But in the jumping photo, I'm having a great time! Life is easy and carefree in the jumping photo! All is happy and breezy in the jumping photo! Life is actually pretty great lately, but y'all catch my drift.

This outfit will forever make me think of Ireland because, for one, I bought it there, and for two, because it's what I wore on the trip home. I started this weird tradition of every time I go away and then M picks me up at the airport I'm wearing a whole new outfit that I bought during my time away. I like the little element of surprise and newness it gives the meet up, but also I think clothes are one of the best souvenirs because I know where it came from, even if the front of it isn't emblazoned with "IRELAND" or "ARIZONA ROCKS!" (which it, of course, does). Michael said he knew which pair of legs were mine as we all came down the escalator because of my pants. I do have a thing for ugly pants, what can I say. But I pull them off, right? So that's all that matters. 

I love the little cropped jacket I wore with this outfit. I actually bought it in three colors because it was pretty cheap and I hadn't seen anything like it here in the States. (Or maybe I just have a shopping problem.) Either way, it hasn't really been cold enough here to warrant a light jacket, but I am always freezing in the grocery store, so our errands became the perfect outing for me to finally wear one of my little coats. All three I bought match these pants because I figured I should probably have a few things that did haha. I have a bad habit of only buying patterned or textured things and then having no plain or basic items to wear with all my crazy clothes. Oh well. M doesn't seem to mind my eccentric way of dressing.

I'm hoping everyone is having a great August! I'm still working away like a busy bee.

Love & Sunshine,

Pants:Bershka :: Top:Bershka :: Jacket:Bershka :: Sandals:Fergalicious :: Earrings:Gift:similar :: Ring:Fuego :: Headband:Goody :: Lips:em cosmetics in nude lace


  1. Jumping/action photos really are the best. I love your outfit, especially all the pretty colors!
    xx Tessie

    1. They're just so spunky! And thank you so much! <3