Twirling in Teal

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It was so nice to put together an outfit that wasn't all black. Sometimes I feel like my job is putting me in an outfit rut, and it's getting harder for me to create a normal outfit, but then I realize that isn't true and I just haven't even been able to wear anything but black because I've been getting so many hours. I'm not complaining about that at all, I love my new job, but I miss my colors. Luckily, I have a lighter week next week, which should mean more posting. I'm honestly pretty pleased about it because my knee hasn't been doing too well lately (Michael has banned me from wearing wedges for my own good), and I miss blogging. Until then though, I did have some time to prep for at least three posts on my day off, and here's the second one, my day off outfit. 

This dress is one of my absolute favorites. It is so light and breezy and easy to dress up or down. I kind of always forget it's in my closet, or that I love it so much until I finally put it on and then I have a huge moment of realization like, 'Oh yeah! This thing is the best!' The last time I posted about it was when my hair was nice and long and it's making me even more anxious for my locks to grow out. Oh well. Michael keeps telling me my hair is growing, but I'm super impatient. Plus, his is longer than mine and that makes me grumpy sometimes haha.

What else? On this day M went with me to get my nails done and sat patiently next to me as I got a fill, which I thought was sweet, he even paid with his tip money. Too. Sweet. Then we bought some essential groceries, and came home. I made us sandwiches and we went and ate lunch together on the dock and fed some ducklings. It was a good day. We rarely have days off together anymore, since he doesn't have a set schedule yet at his new gig, so having a whole day together was beyond nice. 

I hope that everyone's week is going well. 

Love & Sunshine,

Dress:O'Neill :: Shoes:Loly in the sky :: Belt:From another dress :: Headband:Fuego :: Bracelet:Hot Toddy


  1. Not only is this outfit beautiful, but these photographs are unbelievably gorgeous! Seriously, how do you take your photographs? Do you edit them, or do you just have a really good lens? I'm obsessed with the way that the first one and second one came out!

    1. Thank you so much! My boyfriend or I take my photos, he took these ones. I shoot with a Canon Rebel t2i and a 50mm lens which is my most favorite lens in the entire world, it's the best thing ever. I edit with Photoshop, however as for the first two, the lighting just ended up being amazing right there because I was in the shade and Michael was taking the photos from a sunny spot, so the sun cast some light onto the lens. Hope that was helpful ^^