When Everything Matches

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This outfit has been one of my favorites so far this summer. Usually I'm more fond of my dresses with some cute wedges, or something like that, but this whole ensemble just fit together so well that I couldn't help feeling pretty tops, especially when a new acquaintance noticed just how well everything matched and said I looked like a magazine. Huge compliment. I, of course, got really awkward. It was a good day. I mean, even my toenails match my top and pants! Which was unplanned, I'm not that good.

Putting on your first pair of pants after not wearing any all summer is always a funny feeling, right? Like, what are these constrictive things surrounding my legs?! I wish I could be a dresses all winter type of girl, but I just simply love my pants too much. Plus, I have them in an obscene amount of colors and patterns (way more than plain denim) so I think that mixes things up. The bottom line is that I live in Washington, and when it's raining 24/7 I want jeans and boots. I've told myself though that I am toughening up and wearing more dresses this winter because I always love the way it looks when other girls do.

Also!!! HUGE NEWS, (that may have been excessive), my hair covers my ears now! This may not sound like a big deal, but if you have ever tried to grow out a pixie cut then you know what I'm talking about. Getting your hair to finally cover your ears is like reaching a finish line of sorts. Everything is downhill from there. You're past the super-awkward-length phase, or the absolutely-no-way-to-style-it phase, or the ever terrible you-can-see-every-single-one-of-my-cowlicks-and-weird-hairline-phase. It's a beautiful time. Once I realized it I proudly announced to M that we had reached a turing point in our relationship. He giggled. I may enjoy being overly dramatic.

Anywho, hope y'all are having a good week!

Love & Sunshine,

Top:Mine/similar :: Jeans:American Eagle/similar :: Sandals:Mossimo/similar :: Bracelet:Icing/similar :: Necklace:from Hawaii/similar


  1. I love that outfit! I don't wear pants very much either, I'm definitely a "skirt-only" kind of girl, but that's such a great, summery outfit.
    Congratulations on growing out your hair! I've only had long hair my whole life, so I guess I wouldn't understand, but I imagine that it's something to be happy about :).
    xx Tessie

    1. I envy your ability to choose skirts! I wish I had such pro life skills haha
      And your hair is absolutely amazing! I love it! It makes me miss my long hair even more...someday

  2. Haha, you are so cute! I feel your excitement about the hair, though! When my hair reaches a certain length (usually just past my shoulders) I feel like it's finally "me" hair again. I love it!
    Those pants are awesome! I know I could make it through a winter in skirts and dresses because I've done it before, but sometimes boots and jeans are way too comfortable and cute to give up entirely!
    LOVE your shirt. You DO look like you should be in a magazine.

    1. I'm glad you can relate to the hair! Makes me feel a bit less crazy.
      And I am determined to mix more dresses into my fall/winter wardrobe! You live in Washington too, so it can't be that bad if you do it!

    2. Tights. Lifesavers, those things. Usually in the winter, I double-layer my tights. Or get the sweater ones. OR wear socks over them and tall boots.