As The Sun Goes Down

Friday, September 26, 2014

These boots have changed my life, guys. I also have them in black (worn here), and I feel they are just the perfect blend between a chic street boot and some boho booties. They go with everything! I love that they click when I walk, and that they have a heel that is the perfect height. The material is even proving to be quite water resistant, which is of course a bonus here in Washington. I'm expecting to be just as obsessed with them as I was with these boots last year.

Also, this hat! Ok, so basically I'm just really feeling this outfit haha. I've been drooling over any outfits I see that involve floppy, felt hats, and I decided now that the rain is back, I finally needed to just suck it up and invest in one. I found this gem at Icing, which happened to match what I already had on perfectly. I'm still on the lookout for a navy blue one, and maybe some other nifty colors, know any good places?

I know I'm always gushing about the new things I pick up, but I do of course have some pieces that I can't imagine ever getting rid of, and this coat is one of them. I got it years ago with my mom from Target, and it is still one of my go-to pieces for fall and early spring. It's lightweight and yet warm, and loose enough to wear a sweater under without looking shapeless when you don't. Pretty great. Coats, am I right? 

In non-clothing related news, my senior year of college starts on Monday, so that's crazy. M and I are getting more prepared to move to Seattle after I graduate, which is exciting, and maybe moving again in the mean time. I'm so conflicted about it. I adore our little cabin on the lake, however it adds a good deal of time to each of our commutes (especially his, since he works out of town), and the lack of washer and dryer is certainly cramping our style (laundromats are so pricey guys!), but it's so cute here, and I love being in the woods, guys! What do we do? 

On a less conflicted note, M and I both had the day off this day, which was spectacular. We had brunch and ran some errands, drove out of town just to pick something up from the Lakewood Barnes and Nobel, which was fun, and then we spent about an hour in the Batdorf and Bronson, cuddling in an oversized chair and doing some reading. It was fantastic. We ended the day by vacuuming like the most obsessive people in the world because little Lady Foot got fleas and I can't stand them. We now no longer have fleas, so mission success!

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz
Coat::Mossimo Supply Co.

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