Clista's Photoshoot

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's been a long time since I've taken photos of someone other than myself and Michael. You know, like actual photos. I used to do a lot of senior portraits back when I was in high school, but then I graduated and life got busy, and it's a lot easier to stay in the photography scene when you're actively taking photos of other people, which I was not. I kept seeing friends of mine (like this awesome guy), going so far with their photography, and I began to wonder why I had let my passion fall victim to my busy schedule. I do love photography, and hell, if it's something I want to do with my life, than why am I not out doing it? I decided something finally needed to change. I put a little post up on Facebook asking if any of my friends were interested in a free shoot on Wednesday since I was off work, and the ever amazing Clista came straight to my rescue! 

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about the shoot. I haven't done an actual shoot in who knows how long; I feared I would be beyond rusty. Luckily, Clista is fantastic at posing herself, and we were off and running! I had such a good time working with her, and feel really pleased with how the photos came out. She's gorgeous, right? She is also Ms. Thurston County, in case you were curious. I'm so happy she was free on Wednesday and interested in working with me. 

If anyone is ever interested, I have a photography page over on Facebook, I still need to add my photos from Ireland to it after I pull them off my iPad. It just seems so tedious I haven't gotten around to it yet!

Love & Sunshine,

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