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Monday, September 29, 2014

I told you I'm obsessed with these shoes! I have a problem! Ok, no more shoe talk, I promise.

When I went outside to take these our neighbors had a group of people over and were sitting in lawn chairs in a semi-circle facing the lake and all talking and sharing stories, and I'm not going to lie, I was quite intimidated to ever venture out for the photos. It's not that I thought they'd say anything, I knew the worst they would do would be to give me an occasional stare, but still I worry what they think of me. It shouldn't matter, I know, and didn't I just take photos on some crowded city streets? It's different somehow when they live next to me. Sometimes when I go outside I imagine them glancing out their windows and saying, "Hey Harvey! There's that strange girl out taking photos of herself again!" "I don't care Beatrix, where's my dinner? So she's self-obsessed, get over it!" Ok, so I don't know my neighbors names and that probably doesn't happen, but what if?

I must say, I think it's rather funny that I work in a lingerie store and am yet still jumping at any chance I get to skip out on a bra, or just wear a bralette. I just honestly prefer them, and while there is nothing wrong with some great cleavage, I think push-ups give my body some strange proportions. I'm a small girl, and so I don't really need to always wear a bra, and while my 32Cs don't look bad in a bra by any means, I think I've just become too partial to their comfy alternatives to ever go back. Sadly, Victoria's Secret has discontinued their bralettes and replaced them with a padded version that, while still comfy, just isn't for me. There are some cute ones on Urban Outfitter's website though, so I'm thinking of doing a lingerie wish list soon. I know this probably seemed a bit out of the blue, but as I'm sure you've put together by now, I'm not wearing a bra in these photos. With flowy tops, I just don't always see the need, and with the gorgeous keyhole in the back, I would rather it not be obstructed with straps anyway.

Hopefully this random bra blathering wasn't too much info for you. 

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

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