I'm Not Ready

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yesterday was beautiful. It was cool enough to warrant pants, but still not so cold as to require a jacket. When I stepped outside to take these photos, I was strangely overwhelmed with the beauty in front of me. I've always been aware that M and I are beyond lucky to live where we do, and the fact that what you're seeing is my front yard is fantastic, but something was different. Something about the smell that was on the wind, well, it made me a bit emotional in all honesty. I'm a summer person. And if the weather stayed like it is right now, forever, then I can't begin to express how happy I would be, but alas, we all know that will never happen. And don't get me wrong, I love a good stylish coat and pair of boots just as much as the next Starbucks sipping girl in the pacific north west, I think I was just hit in the face with the beauty of this liminal time of year. Let's all go outside, ok? 

As you read this, Saturday, I have yet another day off (four in a row, can you believe that?) and my darling friend Jade and I plan to spend the entire day together! I am too excited. Jade and I grew forever close during our time in Ireland, and even though we are pretty opposite in a lot of ways, and even though neither of us thought we'd really get along, she is now without a doubt my soulmate. I love this girl! We just endlessly laugh about things I'm quite positive anyone else would find stupid, and it's fantastic. I cannot wait.

Love & Sunshine,

Top:Old Navy :: Pants:Shinestar:similar :: Shoes:Hot Kiss :: Necklace:Locally made

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  1. The kind of weather you described reminds me of what it was like towards the beginning of summer where I live, and it's just lovely, so I can relate to what you're saying. Your outfit is so cute! It looks perfect for those in-between kind of days :).