Shoes Obsession Level 10

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So back when ModCloth was having one of their larger sales, I noticed these Irregular Choice beauties were a part of it, and after fiercely lusting after them for quite some time, I knew if I didn't get them I would probably die. It was serious guys. I had it bad. But can you really blame me? These shoes have everything; glitter, bows, pearls, pink, patterned piping, gold accents, faux you get it? Once they had finally arrived in my open arms I knew I couldn't wear them with just anything. I have spent too long trying to find the absolutely perfect getup to pair these with that didn't overpower them, yet wasn't too plain so the shoes got an awkward amount of focus. I think I found a pretty good one with this Comme Toi top and some skinny crops, what do you think? I originally wore them out without the little socks, but it struck me when M and I were in the car on the way to Target that they really needed some little ruffle socks, luckily he spotted these, which were the only pair to be found that matched. I want some with little fold-over lace tops, but for now these were cute and comfy and did the trick.

Work has been slowing down finally, which I definitely appreciate. M and I even have two days off together which *never* happens anymore. I'm super excited to just unwind with him. Do some couch cuddling, watch some movies, play some video games, it'll be a good two days. How're y'all doing? 

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Top:Comme Toi :: Pants:American Eagle :: Socks:Xhilaration :: Shoes:Irregular Choice

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