Soak Up Every Drop

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer is coming to a close. We're all feeling it, and while some of us are greeting the passing of the season with smiles and sighs of relief, and others with silent denial (me), we all know what's about to happen next. The temperatures drop, the leaves change, the air gets crispy, and the rain comes down. This is my first ever summer spent in the full swing of work and responsibility; no road trips, no travel, no nothing. Because of this, I thought it was high time to at least get out and enjoy some sun before running of to work, after all, it's already getting cooler and I'm already getting grumpy about fall. 

I debated pretty intensely with myself about putting up some swimsuit photos on my blog. I'd seen some other bloggers do it, and while I just plain loved seeing their cute swim style, I also knew the kind of bravery it took to post photos of themselves in their suits for the world to see. I figured if they could do it, then heck, so could I! I didn't actually go swimming, as our side of the lake is highly concentrated with lily pads and leaches, but I did get some nice rays which warmed me through and through. 

Now, I've never been the girl at the pool who is dressed to the nines with the perfect amazing floppy sun hat (mine is still in Arizona, thanks mom ;p), heels, and a waterproof makeup kit that keeps her looking perfect even after a good splashing around. No, I'm more like the kind who grabs their hideous flip-flops that can stand to get wet, a towel, and some sunscreen. I thought this shoot could stand to have some cuteness to it, so I threw on some sunnies, and grabbed the wedges I would wear if I was one of those perfect poolside babes, but I'll tell you right now that they were never on my feet. Close enough, right?

I hope you are all enjoying any last warm days that you're getting! M and I have been making the most out of them by going outside every morning to eat breakfast together, even if we only sit on our porch. It's nice to get some sun and fresh air in the morning, I wish we could keep it up all year, but being in the pacific north west, I'm sure the rain will soon have us snuggled inside for our meals. I'm trying my best to keep positive guys, other seasons are ok, right?

Love & Sunshine,

Swimsuit:Old Navy : Sunnies:Oasis : Wedges:Charlotte Russe:similar


  1. Oh, I love these shots, and your bathing suit, and your GORGEOUS tattoo! You look fabulously summery, and just beautiful!
    I thought about doing a swimwear post, but uh... my suit doesn't exactly fit my boobs any more because of breastfeeding. Oh well. I'm not a perfect-makeup/heels/perfect hair at the poolside girl either! I hate wearing makeup in the water because then it smears and I'm always worrying about it, and the fanciest my hair has ever gotten at the pool is milkmaid braids to keep it out of my way, hah!
    I'm looking forward to fall, but I also will miss a few things about summer. So it's half and half.
    I hope you enjoy the cooler weather regardless!

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only practical swimwear-er around! Makeup and swimming just shouldn't be a thing, right? I'm not trying to look like a raccoon!
      I just picked up some new boots, so I'm feeling less gross about fall now, also got a swanky jacket for Michael, so I'll have fun layering him for the season as well hehe.
      And thank you for all your beautiful words <3 I always love your comments so much

  2. Wow, you look gorgeous in this suit, I love it! Your tattoo is also really beautiful! Yes...summer is slowly slipping away...I am totally a summer person but luckily I love Fall too..the part I don't love is the shorter daylight hours :( That part is really hard for me, haha. Hoping I will craft a lot to distract myself from it ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, pretty lady!
    xo, Alyssa

    1. Thank you so much!
      Shorter daylight hours are definitely one of the things I struggle with the most about the changing seasons, so I'm glad I'm not alone!
      <3 Mariah