The First Day Of My Last Year

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It feels very odd to be my senior year. I really don't know what to think about it. When I came to Evergreen, I planned to study photography and writing, and up until this year, I have only taken cultural studies classes, which cracks me up. I'm currently taking a philosophy and poetry class, which finally covers the writing part, and so far seems very promising. I originally planned to continue on after getting my BA and getting my masters in teaching, but my heart isn't there any more, and I'll be straight up with you guys at the risk of judgement, but what I've wanted, more than anything my whole life, is to just be, there are no words for it that do not come with loaded negative connotations, but a homemaker. I love taking care of people, and if I could stay at home while Michael works, keep clean, cook, and work on my blogging and photography as a means of a creative outlet and perhaps income, I would be the happiest. This in no way means I don't think women should have jobs, or careers, or do whatever they want in the whole world, which is the way some people seem to take it when I share with them my desires for my life, and this is why I usually keep things to myself. I even had one classmate say to me once, "You know you can have a career and kids too," and also this gem, "You can make money too you know, Mariah." I had to laugh. Being someone who is currently employed, I am really fully aware I can make my own money. I believe that women have no limitations, just as everyone has no limitations when they truly want to accomplish something. People accuse me of being against feminism, but clearly they don't know the definition. Just do whatever makes you happy, that's what we all should do if we're able.

I didn't mean to get so serious there, but I guess, even if no one responds or comments, it's nice to have an outlet for sharing my thoughts, and life, knowing that somewhere someone is probably dealing with the same things, or having the same ideas, or whatever. Blogs are such a beautiful safe place where we can all be ourselves and make amazing friends and connections. I guess the point I'm making is that every time you guys comment or talk to me or interact in some way, it makes me feel safe enough to express myself more. This is a fantastic community, I love you all.

Oh! And this is what I wore my first day of my senior year of college! I do love a good romper, and one that I can style for fall, well call that perfection! It did end up being a little cold for this getup, but oh well, I'll shiver for fashion haha.

Romper::One Clothing::Marshalls

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