The Last Day of Summer

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Now, I'm not one to be jumping all over the 90's trend that's been spreading like wildfire, but every now and then I gather some inspiration from it, and this outfit and makeup combo is probably the closest I'll get to fully jumping on the bandwagon. This is the height of my 90's, and it's wrapped in a kimono and a smudgy eye.

I'm glad I wore this outfit yesterday, because today it has been super rainy and just standard Washington miserable. I wore some jeans, my L.L. Bean boots, a white tee, and an anorak I got from work. Nothing special. I can't help but look into this oncoming season with a lack on inspiration and a slight bit of disdain. Fall just makes me want to put on my bean boots, a baggy sweater, and call it good. It rains so much here I feel I won't get a good deal of wear out of my cuter boots, or my lovely tees and cardis, I don't know, maybe I'm just mourning the loss of summer. I'll get over it.

I hope y'all are having a good start to fall, and that you get to eat something pumpkin flavored, or read a good book with a cup of tea, or some other clichéd fall activity. I love me a good cliché.

Love & Sunshine,

Kimono::Sans Souci::Marshalls
Hat::so old I can't remember

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