More Than 25% Leopard

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I wore this outfit awhile back to class, and my friend Sally said my outfit made her think of something she read once that said, "friends don't let friends wear more than 25% leopard," but that I pulled it off. It cracked me up, and made me think of some of the things I wear that other people might not. To tell you the truth, I didn't even think twice about the amount of leopard here.

In other news, my hair is no longer this long, which is making me a smidge sad. I knew for quite some time that the damage left over from when my hair was white just needed to be cut off, but it's still hard not to miss it, even though my hair is infinitely healthier now. Oh well. Hair grows back. I'll miss my gimpy little pony tail until then though.

I know my posts have been quite sporadic, I've been rather sick lately, but I'm on the up side again, so things should return to normal. I also decreased my hours at work, so I should feel much less overwhelmed, which is quite a relief. 

Hope everyone reading is doing well.

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this outfit! And your makeup here. I think you do pull off a lot of things that most people wouldn't be able to wear! It's all about personality, and you have the personality to wear this much leopard and make it look perfect.
    Ugh, I know I need to chop off a good amount of my ends, too, from bleaching and dyeing, but I really don't want to! My hair has just started to feel long. Buuut it's also crazy tangly and straw-like at the ends, so... yeah.
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