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Friday, October 3, 2014

I pretty much stopped wearing clothes that obviously stated their brand after high school. I was most definitely a jeans and Hollister t-shirt kind of girl, but no longer! That kind of dressing requires no imagination to me now, however, working at Victoria's Secret (ours has a Pink attached) has me constantly eyeballing and selling adorable pieces that very blatantly scream their brand. Our clothes are so comfy, and my discount isn't too shabby, so I find myself buying items even though they are generally things I wouldn't normally gravitate towards these days. I do however love the matchy-matchy thing most of the collections have going on, since that is pretty in, but I also like the sporty collegiate feel of our clothing, which is kind of perfect for my last year in college, or at least I think so. I got this skirt on clearance, and I already had the sweatshirt to wear around the house (Hawaiian print, yes please!) and I figured I could make the outfit work for my second day of school.

"Sporty" isn't usually an aesthetic I go for, but I enjoyed it this day, and while I wan't too sure about pairing this scarf with it, I think it ended up looking pretty spiff. The thing I am disappointed about is the outfit I wore for my third day of class. I have probably worn it once a month for three months (which is a rare thing for me, I just don't really repeat exact outfits very often) and I have failed to get a photo of it each time! The first time I was at Kaitlyn's and stayed longer than I expected, the second I had a completely free day and some blackberry juice squirted onto the top (which is white) so I had to wash it and change, and when I wore it for my third day of school, M and I went to go pick up our darling new puppy and ended up getting stuck in traffic during the last good shooting hours. Oh well. Some time you'll see it. It involves my anchor pants that I adore.

I hope everyone's fall transition is going well, our yard is turning into a yellow wonderland, which is quite beautiful.

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Tights::Simply Vera
Sports Bralette::Pink

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