One Last Time

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

These are some of my favorite pants. They are so striking and different, and while finding multiple tops to go with them has sometimes been a challenge, I still love them so. Sadly, I got these when I was still in the process of losing weight, and when I wore them on this day, I quickly began to realize how large they were on me. They just wouldn't stay up! The band was so loose around my waist that me shirt would hardly stay tucked in, and they were bunching in my knees and butt in a way that is totally undesirable, especially for skinny jeans. I'm pretty devastated because I doubt these would be easy to find again, or even something similar, and they match my new coat so perfectly! It is a great tragedy. I may have a mourning period. Ok, I exaggerate, but still, I'm sure we can all relate to losing some favorite pants you know you can't replace. Can people alter pants a size smaller? I have my doubts haha. 

I suppose we can consider this post a final farewell to these pants, some sort of homage to them. I also wore them here, if that's of any interest to you, and look, white hair! That seems forever ago now...I still have my regrets about dying over it in Ireland, but that's for another time.

In less depressing news, I really love this shirt and coat! They're both pretty new. M bought me the shirt from Forever 21, and I like it so much I'm tempted to go get it in it's other colors. And the coat I picked up when I went into Hot Toddy one day, because I have a terrible addiction to that shop and the kind ladies that work there. It's just too perfect! They gave us a ton of free chocolates the day I got it because they had so many left over from Arts Walk. I ate about one and a half before I was on overload (I really don't care for chocolate, but I keep trying it for some reason) and M ate a ton haha, but they were so pleased it was getting eaten that they didn't care. If you're ever in the Olympia area, I highly suggest checking the shop out, they carry things that have about the same vibe as ModCloth (even some things that are on ModCloth), as well as some things more to their own unique aesthetic, and locally made things as well.

Well, that's it! I need to get some sleep, but I love you all!

Love & Sunshine,
Mariah Alysz

Shoes::Wanted:TJ Maxx
Necklace::vintage shop find

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